10 Behaviors Reveal Someone Is a Negative Influence on a Child

Kids learn from people with who they spend time. They mimic everything grown-ups do, thus, you have to be very careful about your behavior when you are around kids.

In order to prevent your child from negative behavior, you should also pay attention with which adults your kid communicates as they can also be a bad influence on him. Thus, below is a list of 10 behaviors which other people do and which show that they are a negative influence on your child.

  1. They don’t follow the rules for your home or your child. If your guests do things in your house which are not acceptable, your child is very likely to break those rules, too. If your child has friends over, you should make sure that they both follow the rules.
  2. They want to keep secrets about everything and are always sneaky. If you child spends time with friends who break rules and lie about it afterwards, it for sure means that they are a negative influence on your child. Make sure that you child knows that he can come to you and talk about everything he wants without getting into trouble.
  3. They take unsafe and unnecessary risks. Children are more likely to take dangerous risks when they are with their friends rather than by themselves. Also, their friends are more likely to talk them into doing things which they don’t want to do.
  4. They talk back to adults. If you notice that your child’s friends talk back to adults, it is a high chance that your child will start doing it, too. Thus, you should make sure that your child respects adults and doesn’t pick up on this impolite habit.
  5. Your child’s behavior changes when they have spent time together. You may notice that after spending time with certain people, your child’s behavior changes for the worse. He becomes disrespectful and stops paying attention to your rules but after some time, he becomes his usual self.
  6. They are controlling. If you notice that your child refuses to play or spend time with friends with whom he used to play, it is a sign that there might be a controlling person in his life who tries to isolate him from everyone else.
  7. They are mean. You want your child to grow up a respecting and kind person. However, there may be people in his life who use bad language, insult others and bring other people down and such behavior can have an impact on your child and he may start behaving in the same way, too.
  8. Your child seems afraid of them or intimidated by them. In order not to be bullied, your child may start doing things which he normally wouldn’t. He may also make friends with bullies because he is simply afraid of them.
  9. Your child always wants to please that person. It shows that someone is using your child for their own advantage. Your child seems to be doing everything they ask him because he wants to be included.
  10. They are manipulative. If children spend time around manipulative people, they will pick up manipulation techniques quite fast and will use them on you and others. Thus, you should be aware if there are manipulative people in your child’s life and make sure that he doesn’t spend a lot of time with them.

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